Wednesday, 27 February 2013


After the wonderful success... no, wait, the other word... of losing the captain last time, we had to plan our next move. We knew about two new planets and were planning how to visit them... and then a distress call for a group of Imperial scientists over on a completely different planet turned up.

We sent a small team to one planet [although given hyperspace travel time, we'll probably get there before they do!] while go off to save the Imperials. At that planet, we get that there are only three left, and Jessa insists on them sending up their research before we go down to save them. Nat'tar (my third character) is entirely on board with that plan. As long as he can use the research... I mean the research can be saved, that's what matters.

Anyway, we go down, and indeed save their remaining asses, and get their research about some weird place that has picture glyphs that plays notes when pressed... and soon after they worked on that, strange beings turned up. They shot at them, and got themselves severely killed... more places to research! They also got some strange piece of metal, that is not at all a strange example of technology that I know nothing about.

We drop the team back on the ship (while we pretended to be Imperials, they didn't really care who we were, as long as we got off the planet), then go back to look in this other place. Where we find the body of the remaining expedition member that translated most of the language. Which includes that there's a strange piece of metal here that makes people distrusting and tending towards murder... and some group of people are watching us...


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