Monday, 11 March 2013

Final(!) Lake Flacid

This, for some reason, became a series. The first was great, great characters, plot was interesting, and everything was connected. Later sequels missed the point. And now we have what claims to be the Final Chapter... which is just rubbish, in all ways.

Lake Placid has been surrounded by an electrical fence. Good. But then some idiots go in there, and then the gate is left open, and the bus driver is too busy watching porn on his ipod to not drive the teenagers in there... yeah, that happens. So the second half of the movie is 'save the kids!', and lots of people die, because crocodiles, and it isn't interesting at all because this is just a retread. [One moment speaks of how the crocodiles shouldn't get that large, so I thought they might touch on that... but nope... still, that's what more sequels are for!]

We go get Elizabeth Rohm, Yancy Butler and Robert Englund in this... because they got nothing better to do? And the crocodiles aren't even interesting to look at, and are all CG anyway, and sit badly on the frame. Meh.

Oh, if only this was the Final Chapter...


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