Friday, 1 March 2013

Second Assimilation^2

And so we have the second volume of the Doctor Who / Star Trek cross over.

There are four issues in this volume as most of them are padding. The first one is Picard padding (with backstory), the second is popping about the universe padding, the third is wandering around a ship padding, and the fourth is climax padding. Really this whole tale could have (should have) been told in half the issues. Oh, and the climax is so typical for Star Trek, it is basically 'push the button to stop the bomb' (only they don't push a button, and there's no bomb, but I did say 'basically').

The artwork is mostly decent, with the paintings of the Doctor and Picard being the most on target. The others... are close. The CyberBorg are hard to distinguish from normal Borg (although that is somewhat the point over Cyberconversion) but some more creative imagery with crossing those two concepts would have been nice.

Despite the obvious sequel set up, I'm not hanging out for it, and indeed if you haven't bothered with volume one, this doesn't inspire me to suggest the set.


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