Sunday, 17 March 2013

Watching Stargate SG-1

I just finished watching the recut of The Children of the Gods, the pilot episode that Brad Wright re-edited over ten years later. So... he Lucas'd it. According to him, he improved it, used different takes, changed some dialogue choices, relooped dialogue, and added more VFX... so yeah, a total Lucas.

And according to IMDB the original is a 7.9 and the 'final cut' is a 7.6. So bam! Objectively made it worse. As for me, meh, it's been ages since I saw the pilot version, and I watched it with commentary because I wasn't going to watch it twice (with and without commentary).

What it did make me do was want to rewatch Stargate SG-1 all over again. Yes, all ten seasons. And probably Atlantis too. (And maybe Universe, but I never picked that up on DVD.) However... I just don't have time, I've got a lot of other DVDs to watch before I get back around to that. And... they take up so much space! I really need to get rid of them.

What I would like is to have them in a more compact format. MKV files on a USB stick would be wonderful. Or MP4, either can handle dual audio (normal and commentary). Size varies, but let's say, assuming we are happy with SD, that the file size is 300MB for simplicity. A season is 24 eps, just over 7 Gigs. So all ten seasons would be just over 70 Gigs. With Atlantis and Universe, let's say 120 Gigs all up.

Currently there are 128 Gig sticks... done! Hey, MGM, you wanna make money? Sell the entire Stargate series on one frickin' USB stick! Simplify my storage needs!

And other studios, why not? Buffy and Angel. X-Files. Friends. Seinfeld. West Wing. Sopranos. Etc, etc, etc. I really want to have them on hand in case I ever do have time, but I also value my space. Get on this!


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