Thursday, 7 March 2013

Zero Hours of Skepticism

Zero Hour is a show in which a skeptic gets wrapped up in a conspiracy. Yep, they went there.

So many movies have the skeptic come up against the supernatural and caves in their skeptic belief because they are faced with evidence of the supernatural. There are two points that need to be pointed out: 1) they believe because they have evidence. Guess what? Most skeptics would and should! What gets annoying is when they start believing for entirely personal reasons. "I got the feels and now I believe in the Gods!!!!" Yeah, that doesn't work, and just has a strawman skeptic anyway of 'if you felt with your heart, you would totally give up asking for that pesky physical proof'. No.

Oh, and point 2) it's fiction! Of course there's the supernatural, because it's FICTION!!! It's not real! And that's the only way we can have the supernatural, 'cos we ain't got any in reality.

Anyway, this modern day skeptic gets caught up in a conspiracy involving clocks, Nazis, the church, and the return of the apostles in clock form or... you know what else works well in fiction? A decent believable story. Beside bad strawman skeptics, this fails decent plot interest to. (Oh, and Albert Einstein is involved too... um...)

The other characters are one dimensional too. The FBI agent with something to prove. The assistants who are going to get up in bed with each other. The wife who is there to be a love interest draw. The psychopath that is leading them all on the chase. They are just as badly set up as the lead. And none of them work waiting for the plot to develop them.

I might keep watching out of fatalism, but will not be surprised when it gets cancelled... and I'm totally not surprised this got pulled.


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