Wednesday, 10 April 2013


On the planet of Charis... a group of us land. Well, nearly. We get called up as soon as we enter the system, and we pretend 'we're just traders'. Then they are 'send us your details'. Oops... one faked set of details later, we land. And then the dock master wants our details too. Really? No communication on this Imperial world it seems. Fortunately, we fake up... I mean honestly report our cargo manifest.

Out in the city, we decide the best place to find rebels is in bars, because.... so we go to two bars. One group of us is in a posh bar, where Ben sets up a meet. The other group is in a more skeevy joint, where they manage to get out without getting killed. After meeting up, we find a tail from the posh bar, confront him, but don't get anywhere before Imperials turn up, but manage to get away and write off that meeting.

Going to the skeevy bar, Ben sets up a meeting with an emaciated wookie, while Glom sets up a meeting to get information about our captain. The ship we fought is on this planet, the ship that kidnapped the captain. Hacking the information net, we find out the captain has been shipped off planet. Damn.

Meeting with the wookie, we hand over our weapons to find out the Moff took the captain to Gandell Ott yesterday, and get coordinates to/from the planet Mairne. Glom, on the other hand, annoys his contact and barely gets away. I'm sure that won't be an issue.

Down weapons, up information. Yeah, we're doing well.

[Not entirely convinced we managed to do anything really useful. Maybe getting information, not entirely sure. System-wise, I'm preferring the non-combat skill checks over actual combat.]


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