Monday, 1 April 2013

DW Episode 7.2.1

I have no idea what the episode number is so... oh, and I'm guessing Dave worked out what the title referred to three months ago, 'cos he does that.

So at last Clara joins the Doctor to be a companion. More or less... well, we know she's going to say yes. And character wise, she's pretty much the same as already has been introduced, with extra computer hacking skills... although this is an episode where hacking skills is equated exactly with ability to randomly strike keys on the keyboard, and not just the couple of mouse clicks we know it would really be.

Can't say I'm overly impressed by the plot of the episode, but it was supposed to be more about introducing the new girl and not about the menace, much like Rose. And then it all got linked in with the Great Intelligence. Not sure how it relates to, eg. Web of Fear and the like. Messier connection than last time. But we have our over-arching villain of the piece. Yay (said without enthusiasm.)

And clearly I forgot about the new TARDIS interior, because I was amazed by it anew. Less impressive was the extremely clumsy edit between getting to the TARDIS door and then going out on the plane (changing the background lighting didn't help). And those were the spoon heads... not the Cardassians...

Overall, it was a 'we really want this to be a big come back for the second half the season', and it was about as inspired as the last time Moffat did it.

Next week: The Doctor shouts a lot. Again.


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