Monday, 15 April 2013

DW Episode 7.2.3

Mark Gatiss turns in a workman script. Given how closely he's working with Moffat on various things, is he being considered to shoulder tap for taking over the show runner spot? Personally I think Rob Shearman would be a better choice as a successor, but since I've personally had dinner with him, I could be biased.

The first part of the episode was pretty hectic. But good. And HADS? Really? It didn't work for a reason (too convenient), so why bother bringing it back? But then the middle of the episode slowed down to a crawl as Mark Gatiss tries to shoehorn in some characterisation, but doesn't go anywhere. Was I the only one thinking seaQuest at the ending? (Psst... keyholes don't turn like that.) Overall, the plot isn't asking too much of the audience, and the 1983 setting seems largely just so he can get a Cold War joke in.

Let's dish about the new Ice Warrior design. The outfit, fine. Quite fitting with the previous stuff, although a little disappointed there was no clamp hand. But... what the hell was up with the usb finger wires? What? And then there's the Martian inside. The claws don't fit (and fingernails?). But the CGI face... completely doesn't fit, especially the mouth, which we saw when he was in the suit, was not this wide morphing CGI rubbish. Overall... 7 for the armour, 3 for the creature. And can someone tell me why exactly it was clicking away like it was a freaking Predator???

Liam Cunningham, Tobias Menzies... Game of Thrones cross-over much? (In that I note they also appeared on GoT in some role or another.) And just how Russian is that name Stepashin? Then there's David Warner, acting much like he's too old for this. By which I mean he's looking like he's 71. Nice to see him, of course, but not exactly bouncing around like he's a possible casting choice for the Doctor any more. Shame.

End of the day, it looks like Mark was trying to do for the Ice Warriors what Rob did for Dalek... but worse. Meh.

Next time: wasn't that a Sarah Jane Adventure episode?


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