Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Look for that Diet Perfectly

On one hand, I need to educate myself more about diet and healthy eating. On the other hand, this documentary could easily be just another example of someone promoting the latest flavour of randomly changing nutritional whims.

In the first part we learn that every diet, every discovery about how we should eat properly, what foods to avoid, is wrong. The second part goes on about how we can use technology to uncover how we ate over the last millions of years. Leading to the third part, in which we should eat like them, which basically seems to come down to avoiding grains.

Um... right. So if everything is wrong, then we know this is right because...? Because 'that's how we used ta does it, dagnabit!' And the new bad guy has shifted from carbohydrates, to fat and now on to grains. (I tell ya, if corn every gets declared the enemy, the entire economy of America goes down the toilet.. so that'll never happen.)

And, of course, all the people who talk in these things are fit people, regardless of what diet they are recommending. We keep hearing about how there's an obesity epidemic, but how come in health documentaries, the epidemic is only in crowd shots? Statistically, some of these people should be over weight, even if it is because of big bonedness!

Anyway, as ever, it comes down to good balanced overall nutrition, proper eating sizes, and exercise, and consult your doctor before taking on some latest media hyped health advice.


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