Sunday, 28 April 2013


Ah, the movie the audience said 'Is that Titanic? No? It's some other boat disaster movie?' And indeed it is another boat disaster movie, but better than Titanic in that it is only half the length.

People are on a huge boat out in the middle of nowhere, when suddenly physics leaves. Then a huge wave turns up (they are rare and sometimes turn up when a plot needs one), and the boat is flipped in some way that I'm pretty sure would never actually happen. Then a group of unlikeable people decide to leave the safety of one place and go through the huge boat, encountering hard to cross parts and underwater parts and... and those are about it. Just more of them. And not enough people die! (I'm not counting the extras here, because who cares about them.) And in the end, the CGI is lost beneath the waves and we rejoice.

We have Richard Dreyfuss and Kurt Russell in this, but neither of them are turning in stand out performances, and could easily have had their parts played by anyone else. Indeed, no-one in the case is giving a stellar performance... but can someone tell me why Fergie is in this without saying 'stunt casting'?

I remember a lot of the trailers around emphasising the 'upside boat' nature of the boat and sets, but one boat corridor looks largely the same upside down or not. As do large rooms, once lights go out and what was on the floor is now on the ceiling.

Basically, it's a generic disaster movie. I was wondering if RTD saw this before writing the script for Voyage of the Damned, but there are no forklifts in this... because that would have been stupid.


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