Thursday, 2 May 2013

Does whatever an Iron can?

Of course I was building up to this. The big movie that America is only just getting to see. (Always sounds odd when we get a release date earlier than them.) Be interesting to hear if they get a different post-credit sequence again.

Well, I can definitely confirm there's a lot of Extremis in this. And I think it does it far better than the comic did. But... But. The story is just... there. It start, goes on, and then finally finishes. It's nearly 'the superhero loses his powers and has to gain them back', but it's not even really that. The most character arc Stark goes through is dealing with what happened in New York and even that doesn't really go anywhere other than just being there. Also, it feels like it goes on too long (possibly because it wasn't doing anything). I wasn't at the watch watching stage (because, you know, in a cinema), but I definitely wasn't getting engaged and letting time slip by. [For this, I decided to stick with 2D. Aside from not being bothered by annoying glasses, I didn't feel like it was a loss of any kind.] (I was going to talk about the end in a hidden section, but... I don't have anything to say other than it didn't surprise me.)

Along with the story, the acting felt like they were all running in place too. Everyone was largely playing one note: Downey is manic, Paltrow is caring, Pearce is maniacal, Kingsley is sporting a weird accent... And the CGI was... a lot of CGI. I felt like I was watching a CGI battle, not a character piece.

In the end, and this is an unusual thing to say about this, it was a bland movie. Maybe if this had come out without the previous movie, it might be more exciting, but... meh.


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