Monday, 6 May 2013

DW: Episode 7.2.6

Pro-tip: when the reaction to the dead body is laughter, you might be doing something a little bit wrong. Oh... and it's a "comedy"... strap in!

There are unusual things happening in Yorkshire, and aliens are involved and... you know what? I'm not saying I foresaw every revelation before it happened (although a lot of it was incredibly obvious), I will say that no revelation surprised me. The Doctor was red! Yep, already guessed. Big rocket! Not surprised. Alien was attached to her body! Well obviously! And it was made all the more painful by the inclusion of the Veiled Lady, et al, as they tried to play up the comedy. Especially Strax. And what the hell was the point of Thomas Thomas? Let alone that fainting guy (was he supposed to be Lovecraft or something?). A lot of this just didn't work, either because we've seen it before or because it made no sense.

It's been... about an hour since I watched the episode, and I've already forgotten a lot of what happened. So much so, that I'm going to end this early, and let that forgetfulness stand as the final point of this episode.

Next week: Sudden visions of Picard-Borg for some reason...



Anonymous said...

Thomas Thomas was a joke. He was giving driving directions, and TomTom is a popular brand of satnav.

Jamas Enright said...

...that's not making me like this episode more... COM-EH-DEH!