Saturday, 25 May 2013

Megasuss Vs. Trymera

Yes, this is one of those straight to the Recycle Bin on the Desktop movies that you can tell is such merely by the title. And yet, while no-one is getting glory from this, you do nearly get the sense that the actors tried.

Some backstory happens... then more... then finally a Chimera! Yes, an obviously CGI creature, ahoy! Then there is much wandering around, and more characters and backstory and then... an actual horse! It is a pegasus, really... even though it is a horse. Except when it grows wings, then it is very CGI indeed. There's a bad CGI based battle...then they talk a lot more about... I have no idea. People get captured, and escape. But finally we get to the last battle... and it's a big waste of everyone's time.

There's so much about this movie that is believable. I can really believe that the actors in the past are... walking around modern day bushes. I can really believe that that sword fighting is... actors attempting to badly hit each others sword. I believe that the monsters are... pasted onto the image afterwards. I really believe that one day... the film crew might know how to shoot a movie.

And yet, the actors do, within the script and production qualities, give good performances. Sebastian Roche doesn't go over the top (something Carlo Rota doesn't quite manage). Nazneen Contractor is earnest. James Kidnie actually manages to underplay being a crazy over the top general/sorcerer (a lesson Rae Dawn Chong could have done with). They manage to drag the movie up from the nadir it would otherwise hit.

A rare case of a creature feature that is better because of the acting in it. Still not a movie worth watching, but still.


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