Sunday, 26 May 2013

My Phoney Pony

Yes, my watching of MLP:FIS continued with Season 2 (and yes, it is still possible to get a complete compilation...). The stories continue to be decent enough, but not the centre of my life. And I still have taken completely the wrong lesson from each episode:
Ep 1/2: Don’t trust a chap named Discord.
Ep 3: There’s always that crazy friend to be wary of.
Ep 4: Dealing with royalty is always tricky.
Ep 5: Sisters should always trick each other.
Ep 6: You can’t be an expert at more than one thing.
Ep 7: You must be able to tell the difference between a turtle and a tortoise.
Ep 8: Superheroes depend on good PR.
Ep 9: Only be seen as a person of status.
Ep 10: Demand all the presents on your birthday!
Ep 11: Winter is not a season but an emotional state.
Ep 12: Age means your memories are in black and white.
Ep 13: Flour is comedy.
Ep 14: Blue is the best colour ever.
Ep 15: Technology is the root of all evil.
Ep 16: Never let anyone find out that you read.
Ep 17: Love only works if you force it.
Ep 18: Never accept that people know what they want, and know what they want for them.
Ep 19: Fussy eaters are an incredible pain.
Ep 20: Your past self is a dick.
Ep 21: Eggs are for smashing.
Ep 22: When they say 800, they mean 800, 799.9 just won’t do.
Ep 23: Journalism is a vicious business.
Ep 24: Detecting can only be done if you have a bubble pipe.
Ep 25/26: Childhood songs are the only way to recognise each other.

There is next season three... which isn't compilated. Although it is shorter.


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