Saturday, 4 May 2013

Received Terminal Prose

Yes, in the mail box this week: RTP #30. And, as Alex himself points out, there's a lot of endings in this issue. On the other hand, that does nicely clear the deck for #31 and its fiftieth anniversary spectacular... assuming the usual suspects submit material in time.

In this issue, we get three, count 'em, three Erato strips! I can't say I got all the references, but I definitely got some that people wouldn't. And speaking of strips, the Tower of Angum ends, with extreme finality. Keeping with fiction, we also see out Weapon of Choice... and here is were the gap between issues means I have no memory of who any of these people are (aside from Doctor and Donna of course). Hopefully Dave wrote the story in one go and didn't suffer from the same problem.

And we've got articles too. Aside from my own pieces (take that Eternity Clock! And, btw, yes it was cancelled delayed), we have a look at interpreting a DW story as interactive... in the same issue I bash the computer games. And a bunch of whiners who whine about being old (for example, me!). Making the most interesting piece in this issue being Peter's look at the village of Stockbridge as presented in the audios... that man knows far too much about Stockbridge, and I admire that.

A paper 'zine in the world of online reading, I appreciate that. But with that issue gap, would need to dig up past issues to get a full sense of those stories.


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