Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Vaticisms Exorcan

Because why should the US be the only ones making bad religious based movies? (Actually, to be fair, the US are making bad ghost based movies, it is other, more religious, countries that do their horror based on religion.) This is the case of a US movie maker in Italy, but it is basically an Italian film crew that is making a bad religious based movie. (And I can't link to an IMDB entry, because there isn't one.) And you can tell it's going to be a bad movie with two small indicators. One, it is 'based on a true story' and two, the titles are in shaky cam.

This 'movie' is about the director looking into the dark side of the Vatican (in the first part of the movie, he busts a black mass cult), and films exorcisms in action. Which are totally believable and amazing evidence for actual supernatural possession. But while getting engaged, strange things start happening to Joe... and then during one exorcism, he disappears... and that's it.

The best you can say for this movie is it is epitomising 'when you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you'. When you get too close, you identify with the situation, and small events stack up to suggest the same is happening to you. But that isn't quite pulled off, and instead we are supposed to jump to the devil exists and he spent time pantsing Joe? I presume Joe actually cared about this story he wanted to tell, but his idea most likely sounded better in his head than executed.

This movie isn't claiming to be the best thing ever, so I'm reluctant to be too harsh... but the main complaint I have is that it just too boring and doesn't go anywhere.


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