Monday, 8 July 2013

Bird-dammit! 2

It's not so much that James Nguyen made a second movie, so much as he simply remade the first movie. This time set in Hollywood, so he can have several rants about how indie film isn't respected and others points about movie making / being a director. (And stars a severely creepy film director/writer as a lead character.)

There isn't really a story to spoil, because it is the first one again. You can tell, because Nguyen consciously replicates several shots and moments from the first movie. Which are just there, and feel flat because he's just replicating them because that's what he thinks the audience wants to see. The more (entirely unintentional) hilarious parts are the new bits and pieces. For example, there is lots of blurring out of background elements... and the license plates of the vehicles the actors drive! There are long lingering shots where the scene ended several seconds earlier, and I hope you like a lens were you can see the cap (or strap?) or parts of the leading car! And of course classic moments like people waving at later dubbed on "special effects" birds, and lots of "he's / she's dead" followed up with a close up of their still breathing body.

But Nguyen does go further. Not just birds, but prehistoric birds! And blood rain that brings them and other creatures back to life! (I won't spoil just what, but you won't believe what you are seeing anyway.) I can only imaging that Birdemic 3 will be eagles and vultures from some future earth that travel back in time because everyone didn't live a green enough life style... and then go away for no reason because the movie ended and there's no explanation, which is how these movies both end so far.

Painfully bad and painfully funny. But it doesn't quite work because Nguyen is trying too hard to replicate the first movie.


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