Friday, 19 July 2013


Lots of people are fascinated by the moon. Some, perhaps, a little too much. But, hey, they could be worse. We meet some of them in Lunarcy!

One chap wants to live on the moon, and considers it his home. (And why not? Certainly, as I said, worse things to want.) Another person wants to build a city under the ground up there. Another person is selling property on the moon (he sent a letter to the UN and because they never replied then he's in the clear!). And Alan Bean, an actual astronaut that walked on the moon, paints pictures inspired by his time there (and they look pretty good!).

The movie tries to somewhat take the approach of 'aren't these weird people?', but also tries for the 'aw, ain't these people sweet?', so the clash of tones creates a slight distortion. And yet... yeah, aside from the one guy who is in legally dubious ground with regard to selling property (no, a lack of reply from the UN does not validate your claims), the rest are no weird than many other people I've seen. And, indeed, as they aren't claiming alien contact and the like (except for that property guy...), they are more sane than most.

A decent wee documentary, even if it isn't quite clear where the director is going with it.


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