Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Reign of Winter

After resting because of the Great Boar Adventure, we set out the last gasp to the Lodge. Getting close, we keep to the woods, and Feldgar gets up for some reconnoitring. Inside, he sees a few empty room and a large inner space with five bandits.

After breaking and entering through the windows, we leap out... and put most of them to sleep. The last chap tries to get away, but accidentally slices himself to death on my axe as he goes. The room he was heading for contains more bandits, who are ill, but they still rise to meet us. We put them to sleep as well, except one that gets out the window... but not for long, for I am upon him.

Around this time, the others become aware of a spell caster upstairs. I take the external route (eventually [our dice rolls are not stunning this session]), and get in the top room to find two ice skeletons. I battle courageously with one [end up on 1 HP!], but there is no sign of the spell caster... until he announces himself downstairs, turning two of the sleeping bandits into zombies! Heading down I take out one, but the other clubs me unconscious. Fortunately Hogan eventually untangles himself from an encounter with a half-orc to aid us all, and I get more swipes in.

The necromancer tried to scare me off, but I am not afraid, for I am barbarian! [Here is an example of where really knowing the rules helps. For example, if I fail a will save, but then rage, I get another will save at +2... so no fear for me!] While he runs, I slice into him. He tries to surrender, but my companions are having none of it and we eventually [sigh dice rolls], put him down.

After looting, we talk to the half-orc Ten-Penny Tessa, who says the lady we are looking for is in a space below. Gathering all the stuff together, with the two of them, we head back to town...

[And level 2!]


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