Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Yep, it is

I don't have anything to say, other than THIS.

Now, there are still a lot of videos out there that are UFOs and ghosts and stuff, and I have seen them, and here's a bunch of them, but... they look fake. Or rather, movies and such have gotten to the point where the real thing will look fake (this means they are "post-modern", right?). But most of them are completely fake set ups, did you really see it? Did you not? Was it a frame in which the video was altered? Or someone stood there, then quickly moved out of the way? Or is the video so shaky you can't tell what is on screen? Or is the model so detailed, it looks like a CGI creation? All these are happening.

What is missing from that graph is the number of sightings. It would be going up when cameras first start up, but then it would go down, as cameras get better and more people understand how they work (anyone who still thinks ghost orbs are a thing should be slapped). Unfortunately, it's not zero, because people will always think they see something, and not everything can be explained when you are looking at them and aren't browsing for extensive details as to what else is going on (eg flight plans) or what can create weird sounds, or events in the area or whatever. And, of course, people fake them for whatever reason.

But there does get to a point where absence of evidence is evidence of absence. Yes, there could be a sasquatch hidden in that one patch of grass that hasn't been examined yet, there might be a ghost in that one old building, perhaps aliens are popping by that meadow... but let's go with the odds. Cameras are ready to capture any event, but they haven't. Either people are phenomenally missing out on recording things... or there is nothing to record. I know which side I'm landing on.


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