Saturday, 31 August 2013

OSW: One Season Wonders Introduction

There is a series I want to do, and since you are reading this, it looks like I've started it. I want to talk about one season wonders. What are one season wonders, you might ask, as if it wasn't incredibly obvious? These are TV shows that, for whatever reason, didn't last more than a season. And these are some great shows.

So here is my ten shows that should have had a second, or more, season. While I don’t rank them, I have got them in production order, so we start back in the days before I was born...

And because this is an introductory post, I'm going to talk about the show not on this list: Firefly. Now, you all know Firefly. And you know that, indeed, on TV, it only lasted one season. Hell, not even that. Half a season. Then pulled, raved about by fans, and finally… came back as a movie! And that’s why Firefly isn't on this list. It got a movie. Which is more than the shows I'm going to be talking about did.

Oh, and I plan on putting the opening theme in each post as well.


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