Sunday, 18 August 2013


Japanese movie with swords and guns and zombies? What more can you want?

Two prisoners escapes their cops and meet up with criminals sent to pick them up... or were they? The criminals have other ideas, but when one is shot... they come back to life! They are in the Forest of Resurrection, so this means zombies! And everyone has guns, so there's lots of shooting! And because this is a Japanese movie, there's also martial arts! And later, we find out these are in fact reincarnated versions of 500 year previous samurai, so swords too! Woo!

And this (aside from the last few minutes, which can be summarised as '...what?') is all shot on location in a forest. It looks like the production team had fun just being out there. The main cast are all decent, although Chieko Misaka's Girl is severely under used and could easily have been brought up to be a more respectable character to fit the rest of the movie.

Although weird, it is a fun movie. And you can check it out yourself!


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