Saturday, 21 September 2013

Listen to the Lantern!

Hey, have you guessed I like Green Lantern, yet? I'm sure I've never mentioned this before, so this will be shocking new information for you.

As part of that franchise, there is the movie, two animated films, many cartoon shows, but also a dedicated show (that was cancelled after one season, because... tv!). These items drew some discussion, in particular from a particular community that likes to get in and fully discuss the ins and outs... no, not the Overthinkers, but Gonzo.

And so, show 147 is all about the Green Lantern movies and recent show. Find out about the history of Alan Scott, what the good parts of the live action movie were, and why you should give the GL:TAS a go.

And there's a very important part of this audio... an essay by me! All about the colour yellow and its role in the history of Green Lantern. Although I don't read it. Although I did give them a take of me reading it, perhaps too kiwi? Anyway, if you want, you can listen to me Who You Callin' Yellow?


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