Friday, 27 September 2013


Reality tv series is, of course, a bane on TV, and there have been a few shows that use the reality show premise and then do something different with it. Siberia is one such show, in which contestants are taken to a place in (guess!) Siberia, and left abandoned to get on with surviving a winter.

However, in the first episode, something kills one of the contestants, and they don't immediately pull the plug... but no-one knows what killed him. And then things get weirder, the sky goes green, winter comes early... and the production crew are killed. Okay. Things are interesting, in that this is getting all Lost and such...

[Spoilers ahoy]

But then we get the people split up, and we spend the rest of the series with one team walking across country, and the other team not, and then suddenly they all manage to meet up in the last episode and it ends on a cliff hanger and...

I really hope this series never sees a season two. It just fell apart in the second half, and loses any sense of tension or even in-show reality. They are trying to build mystery, but can't decide on what they want to show and how they want to show it. And the 'reality' of it being a reality show is completely destroyed when the camera angle changes every ten seconds when there is no way they have that many camera men in the area (and certainly would be catching each other on screen).

This show had potential, and I don't know if the writing team gave up, or they actually intended this and just created rubbish, or what, but no, please no, please stop.


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