Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Meiner Games

There is indeed a mine, and there are what could loosely be called games, so I guess this movie has an accurate title.

Remember how Cabin in the Woods turned the 'kids in a cabin in the woods' on its head? How do you think I felt when this started with random bunch of kids going out in the middle of nowhere and in a house? But this script is more than that, because they find themselves in a nearby mine... by which I mean, they literally find versions of themselves in the mine. Not necessarily alive versions either. So how does that happen? Is there anything they can do about it? The latter is what they address, as to the question before it...

And this is where the script tries to be clever but fails. In that it gets all the time travel right, in that it answers all sorts of questions around 'how did that happen?', but at no point do we get 'why did that happen?' There are bits we can assume... but frankly that is the audience wildly guessing to fill in the huge gaps. (The forum section of the IMDB page has one answer, which mostly fits.. but even that leaves big holes as to 'what the hell?'.)

Still, of note in the cast, we have... actually, I have never seen any of them before. At least, not so I noticed. The production values aren't terrible, but low budget should be able to get decent make up effects and such nowadays (although that isn't always the case).

Even on fast forward, I wouldn't recommend watching this movie.


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