Saturday, 9 November 2013

I was in Rotorua now

I spent a week up in Rotorua... because I could! Yes, there is the smell, but they didn't mind. (Ba-dum-tish!) I stayed at the Fenton Court Motel, and that was fine. I was central to a number of locations. On one hand, I could have been closer to the town... on the other hand, Rotorua isn't that big, and it didn't take me long to walk around, and it got me some exercise. I did manage to catch up with a friend, saw some movies, and (video and photography links included):

Te Puia
A Maori area full of geysers and mud pools. Some interesting carvings and views. It wasn't exactly warm, so I wondered if you could get your own Maori cloak... probably not easily...

Life is life a hurricane, here on a Duck Tour
Yep, I was in a Duck, going around the town and nearby lakes, taking photos of all the things tourists take photos of. We went into a lake, out of a lake, into another lake, and saw some weeds. The driver is very upbeat, and, yes, I quacked.

3D Maze
Out of town, but worth a mild diversion. The owner claims to rearrange it... I doubt, but it's not like I'm going to check. I did manage to make it through by myself, but there is a fair bit of annoying backtracking.

Skyline and Mini Golf
I went up a Gondola, went down the luge (which is tremendous fun - I can see why people go multiple times!) and went up the chair lift. Next door was the Mini Golf which also had a V8 simulator... to be honest, they'd be better off becoming a bunny farm.

Museum and Spa
The museum was mildly informative, if you want to know about spa baths. I watched the Rotorua Stories, with a German soundtrack - I could still follow the images. And then I finished with a relaxing spa. We need one of those down here!

And there was one other big thing I did...


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