Saturday, 16 November 2013

Night of the Doctor

So this is a thing we are talking about now:

Right, so the Eighth Doctor was the one who decided to turn his back on the name. And yet... we've never seen John Hurt in any of the flashbacks we've had for Eleventh. Because he isn't the Doctor (he's the 'War Doctor' - I'm gonna say, that's a stupid name). Certainly if he isn't going to let Clara know about him, he's not going to tell anyone else. Although the Doctor has never been that reticent about his role in the Time War. Remember the big speech from Last of the Time Lords?

And, hey, the Sisterhood of Karn. Of course I know who they were. Just a shame they didn't get Gilly Brown back to play Ohica (as opposed to the character Ohila... did Moffat mean them to be the same and someone got the name wrong?).

But the big thing is that: Paul McGann is back! Another precious few minutes of him being the Doctor on screen! And name-checking various Big Finish companions no less! Holy continuity mess Batman! I presume they organised that with BF before doing that (most likely because someone had to get the names for him to say). However, I'm sure there are plenty of fans going 'who are that lot then?' (if they aren't saying 'who's that in the coat?').

And I'm sure this is all part of the ever changing Moffat grand plan, as RTD never cared about what happened in the Time War, but it looks like we're going to find out now...

Well, we could also talk about The Science of Doctor Who, but let's not.


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