Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Reign of Winter

[Late night last night so late post.]

Two exits, but we only know how to use one, so after our second night in the tower, we head up to the top of the tower... and instantly get attacked by a lady cleric and her birds. And given the one-at-a-time teleporter, this is a long slow fight as we slowly get into the battle. And then, rather quickly, I get blinded (again!). [It's rather annoying to be inflicted with conditions we have no way of dealing with. The fights would have gone very differently if I didn't have a 50% miss chance.]

We deal with the swarm of birds first, then focus on the cleric and whittle her down into unconsciousness. We try appealing to her better nature, but that fails, so threats it is! She has a key we can use to get to the last level of the tower and face the end of level boss chap, and while looking around she runs away. Go us!

Into the last level, we meet Radasek and get his goat. As in an actual goat. He also spawns some ice elementals, and uses a wand to bring up ice spears. Again, a slow fight as we remain bunched up far too long, but our own cleric Hogan disarms him, and we whittle away the other creatures. Radasek runs away, and we are left with the controls for winter portals, including the portal back to where we came from. Sealing that, we talk about what to do next... when Radasek returns with the ice dragon from the courtyard!

Rather than bother with the dragon, those that can target Radasek, while some of us tackle the dragon. Eventually, we stab him with his own ice spears, and the dragon crumples. Huzzah! We have quite the treasure haul, although we also open up to Nadya about the fate of her daughter. Tricky.

Time will pass while we sort all this out [and level up!], but we have many more adventures ahead of us!


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