Thursday, 21 November 2013


Hey, didn't I just do a volcano based movie? Well, if the movie industry can produce two movies with the same premise at the same time, I can do two reviews. But this one doesn't have Pierce Brosnan.

There is a strange event in Los Angeles, and scientists are on it. People are disbelieved, but people die and then things explode. And then, rather quickly, the movie is off and running, presenting brave acts of humanity against the flow of nature. But can one man come up with the ideas needed to save the city? Of course he can! Interestingly (and I do wonder if it is because it is Anne Heche), he doesn't get to kiss the girl.

Yes, Tommy Lee Jones is the main guy here, and he is his usual gruff but loveable self. With one tone of voice, gravely and loud, the entire time. I was remembering his Two Face performance in some scenes! Anne Heche is cute in her scenes, and good performances from Don Cheadle, John Carroll Lynch, and Gaby Hoffman wasn't annoying... and although she's gone on to have a rather full career, I can't say I've seen her in anything else.

It's a fun movie that does get to the explosions quicker than some, and the character pieces aren't too irritating, so overall, thumbs up, very watchable, but this is the second place volcano movie.


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