Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Living on One Dollar

I know I couldn't do it. And this is a film that touches on over a billion people Living on One Dollar per day.

Four young men move to Pena Blanca and try to live on one dollar a day each, as the rest of the community does. Only, they are only doing this for eight weeks, while the rest of them are doing this for their entire lives. They struggle to get by, to meet their food needs (barely), their medical needs (they can't), grow radishes (after taking out a loan) and make this movie which presents the stories of many of the peoples in the community.

I'm not sure they are really living the full experience, given after eight weeks they get to go back to their lives in the big city, but they do what they can. (And you can go to their site and see episodes and learn more.) One thing they show is that micro-lending is helping a lot. And, hey, I'm already doing that part of it! Go me!

I'm going on about the eight weeks bit because it is only eight weeks (he says, after saying he couldn't do it). How long do you need to demonstrate this? How much of this is voluntourism? It's important to raise these issues, but what is useful to do this?

Anyway, people are living on one dollar a day. Help them to help themselves.


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