Thursday, 19 December 2013

The President Staffed

Oh dear gods... I don't think I have the words... this is a terrible movie beyond the belief of terrible movies...

The President, in the Oval Office, gets an email to say the office doors and windows are covered in bombs, and they will blow in 24 hours, or earlier if they try to leave. Okay, that's stupid, but not impossible. Oh, and the email was sent by aliens. The President is trapped with an intern and two fibre optic technicians... will they survive? And you won't believe the ending... seriously, even when you are watching it, you won't believe this is the ending they are going with.

This is set in a single room, namely the Oval Office...'s bad knock off. The windows are conveniently covered so they don't need to show outside, and other people appear as voices through the door. The actors are completely real and not at all obvious they are Italian... oh wait, the other way around. The script maintains the sense of inanity and the writer is a little too proud of his ability to play with names. As for the big names... nope, didn't recognise anyone.

I admit I watch bad movies, looking for that one rare gem... this is so not that, it's a rare non-gem.


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