Monday, 9 December 2013

United Hulk Man and Iron

Some part of the Marvel company decided that there isn't enough Marvel around, and so it looks like they are kicking off a new range, and I say that based on that there's a post-credit teaser, even in this animated movie! (Where movie is applied generously to something 70 minutes long.)

Hulk is used for a battery, and Iron Man investigates this, and while explosions are happening, a living spark of energy escapes, and then infects Iron Man's ship, and then there's a lot of smashing. Like a whole lot of smashing. Like they only put the Hulk in this so they'd have a good excuse for most of the movie being smashing. Because there is a lot. A lot of smashing that is. And then it ends... or does it? (See above re post-credit teaser.)

It's a simple affair, with only five actors being used. Adrian and Fred are back as Iron Hulk, and the other regular voice artists are also regularly voice artisting. The animation is a little odd. Although it is 3D CGI, Hulk looks like it is 2D cell shading converting onto a 3D model. Almost like a Flash animation with how the shadows fall statically and the image stretches more than animates. Strange.

Another Marvel franchise, basically, but aren't we saturated already? Or over-saturated? I think so.


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