Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Reign of Winter

So, moving on towards Winterthrone, we spy some other birds watching us. Getting ready to camp, we have some birds overhead, and decide to decamp to elsewhere once the birds have gone, obscuring our tracks. One uneventful night later (for most of us, the lack of a fire caused problems for Felgard), I and Mage go back to find that indeed there were tracks at our previous site, of humans in snow shoes and a very large wolf...

Pressing on, we stop for lunch... and that's when the wolf attacks. Along with falcons and human hunters. After dispatching the bird, I position myself for the wolf's charge, and take it, just missing its snapping jaws. While the others take on the birds and hunters, I battle the winter wolf, who also has frost breath. However, it is unfortunately unable to find purchase on us after I stare it down, and many powerful swings later I part its head from its body. The hunters swiftly give up, claiming the wolf was the one in charge, and he was working for the witches in Winterthrone. With the hunters nothing more than brigands, we send them on their way, and continue.

Coming to a bridge, we see some troll like figures hiding underneath it. Odd. Felgard talks to them in strange grunts, and has a long conversation, the conclusion of which is that we pass on without killing them. Odd again.

Reading the fish camps on the outskirts of Winterthrone, we start looking for Nadya's uncle, who will help us get inside, however it transpires that he was arrested for 'breaking the peace', and not giving into the local guards / protection racket. We hole up in his hovel, and will sort that out in the morning...


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