Monday, 20 January 2014

Wizzy of Ozzy

While I did see the Dark Side version, it was because of Rifftax that I watched the version with the actual dialogue. (Yes, I did see the movie years ago... but we are talking years and years ago.)

Wow. The pacing was not what I remembered. Moreover, I think I've been influenced by various other book and cartoons versions of the movie itself as to what happens. The sepia section takes longer than I thought, and then, bam, colour! And the opening Munckin sequence goes on a way bit too long as well. (And Glinda looks to be a useless bint, her main skill holding up a wand in a very vague way.) We get the three companions quite quickly, one scene right after the other, and they all have their intro songs, and then one poppy field later (with Glinda again being plot convenience theatre), we're at the Emerald City. I thought the Wicked Witch got a hold of them before they get there, but instead we get the first introduction of Oz, who sends them on a quest to get her broom because he doesn't want to deal with them. (Oz comes across as someone who should win 'Douchebag of the Year' award in all his scenes.) Then we get a rather silly run around at the Witch's castle, and another Witch slaughter at the hands of Dorothy 'Kills More Witches Than Geralt' Gale. Finally, another completely incidental scene with Oz, who proves himself unnecessary, before Glinda turns up to say the whole movie was entirely pointless. And then you were there, and you were there, and you were there...

With the aid of Rifftrax, it does come across as somewhat more darker than intended, but even without their help I'm not sure the running time would stand today's audiences. It was impressive for the time, but today's audience is more mature (read cynical: read no attention span).

But now I want to rewatch Return to Oz...


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