Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Chomputer Cess

Was this supposed to be a documentary? No, that doesn't make sense... because this movie doesn't make sense.

This is set at a weekend in the 1980s where computer chess programs are played off against each other to find the best program. And there's some guru with free loving people there. And one of the attendees doesn't have a room and roves over the hotel. And one of the programs might be sentient. And... I'm not sure what the hell else is going on, but there were several more plots being played out, none of which were clearly presented, so I'm not sure what the point of any of it was, if there was a narrative being played out, or what any of it meant.

It didn't help that it was all black and white, because that's more 'artistic'? Except for the moment in colour. And weird camera bits. And lots of messy noise so you couldn't hear the dialogue clearly. And a lot of action was people sitting in front of computer screens we couldn't see.

According to IMBD this is a comedy. I didn't know that when I watched it, and looking back on it... can't say it was funny or black humour or anything of the kind. It was just weird.

I can't recommend this, but if someone can recommend a good chess documentary, I'd like to know.


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