Monday, 10 February 2014

I've Been Watching

So many possibilities, but I had somewhat fond memories of parts of Death to the Daleks, so let's go with that.

When you think of this story, what do you remember? I remembered the city and the puzzles. Although some people consider them padding, they were an intellectual exercise, and as an intellectual spud, I was intellectualed. What I didn't remember, because who would?, was the two episodes of nothing happening that got us to that point. The whole bit with the Exxilons napping Sarah Jane and then the Doctor, and wanting to do a spot of sacrificing... that was just dull! At least the Daleks were amusing with their shooting TARDIS models, and being transparently underhanded. No weapons, well damn. Insert gun, and take over the universe! And the city itself wasn't exactly thrilling, with light up puzzles and rooms with mirrorlon. I was sure there was more to it, but I guess not. (I might have been confusing some of the puzzles with The Five Doctors, which I think one of the commentators also did.)

For extra features, we get a decent talking heads about it, although a large part is Nick Briggs gushing about it all. There's also some recording footage, in where we get to see the whole non-glamourous mess that is acting on a set. And, for some reason, a Dr Who and the Daleks feature, because they didn't have anywhere better to put it? As well as an interesting bit about the Dalek Men, although they talked about their William Hartnell days more than their Pertwee adventures.

I might be tempted to say 'memory cheats', but I'll go with: an average adventure with a few good moments.


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