Monday, 3 March 2014

Android Cop

Okay, in an unusual move for me... that is the actual movie title! I think you can tell what we're in for with that, and yep this is The Asylum.

After being there when his partner died, Hammond is back on the team and part of a group going into an irradiated area (which, now I think about it [no, I certainly wasn't thinking during the movie] is slightly Dredd-esque), and then they are backed up by... a cop that is an android! Woo! Edgy! They are partnered up, and go off in search of the daughter of the mayor who is currently wandering around in a Surrogates(tm) body... and then there's a lot of fighting out in the rad area, and other stuff, and people are corrupt and... there is actually a twist I didn't see coming, which is impressive (although, as I said, I was barely conscious). In many ways, while this is below sub basement rubbish wannabe RoboCop, there are a few story points that are better than in that movie! Although considering that movie never had a point, that's not hard...

You've probably seen Michael Jai White in other things, and he's also here in this. As is Charles S. Dutton. One thing Asylum do do well (although probably unintentionally as they search for anyone willing to be in their movies) is casting not white males, which other movies never try to.

But this is the Asylum, so bullets are after effects and the android cop outfit... yeah, I had to pause to laugh. It's not good. (Go watch the trailer... although no, you don't want to.)

This is a step back for the Asylum. They were doing well once... once...


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