Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ded Shushi

Ah, time to relax with a simple movie... about sushi that comes to life and kills people. Japan, you go!

Keiko is a would be sushi chef, but her dad doesn't think her skills are any good. She leaves and ends up a waitress at a wanna be pretentious sushi inn. A company group comes along for a relaxing time, and she derides their sushi tasty abilities... but then the mad scientist the company fired turns up and injects the sushi fish with "plotanium" to make them come back to life and start killing people! And flying around! Will the Keiko, would be sushi chef and martial arts master, be able to survive, and what about the gardener that used to be a sushi chef as well? Will he regain his honour?

Yep, it's wacky crazy fun death time, which Japan features often. It's out in force here... and bless 'em, 'cos it's a silly movie that doesn't take itself seriously, and just fun for everyone. The effects are decent, but not groundbreaking (during the end credits you can see scenes with people holding the sushi up on wires). Rina Takeda is having a lot of fun with Keiko, and certainly not her first martial arts role. And others were also getting into the inanity of it all.

A fun movie, and a great example of its genre.


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