Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Video Craze

This was a movie that I kickstarted. (Twice, as it happens.)

Remember the arcade crazy? How many quarters did you pump into those machines? This is a movie about the people that grew up having done that... and went on to get those arcade machines in their adult hood and set them up in their garage or house... or, for some, a store that actually makes money. Including 'barcades', where you can drink and game! We meet a lot of people and see their passion for these things... which is comparable to other 'passionate about things' movies.

Having gone through two kickstarters, you might guess that this movie has had some problems getting production done... and it could have used another pass. Some of the sound can vary a lot between segments, and could be balanced a bit better.

A nice nostalgia piece, but that's about it.


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