Monday, 21 April 2014


So the papers are again making a meal of the idea of Easter closing. Just because it's the establishment of religion doesn't mean people shouldn't be forced to abscond from commercialism...

But let's go there. Let's give holidays to... people running hotels and motels. What the hey, just tourists, right, no-one important...

Ooh, zoos! Yeah, and pounds and such. Just animals, let them alone for a day or two, it'll be fine.

And electricians. And plumbers. And dentists. Got an emergency? It can wait, people need a holiday.

Or the hospital! Yeah, all the doctors and nurses should definitely have time off. And if people die... surely they'll rise again just like Jesus (although apparently he didn't and people are just remembering him).

Okay, I'm being silly and extremist here... but where exactly should the cut off be? 'Essential services' is already getting broad, and with food establishments allowed and other things, the difference between a holiday and any other day of the week is getting moot.

Having time off for family is fine (although if you want to go out somewhere, odds are you are going somewhere where people are not spending time with their family), but let's have better reasons and responses than ideas from 2000 years ago...

And any excuse for this

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