Saturday, 5 April 2014

Just-ass League of Americant

Instead of talking new movies (as another blogger will be doing), let's talk old. This is one from 1997, actually a tv pilot. No surprise it never spawned a series.

The city of... somewhere... is under attack by a weather manipulator villain, and the JLA is there to save the day! In this case, the JLA is Green Lantern, who looks rather blueish, the Flash, the Atom, Fire and joining them is Ice. Note that this is the Guy Gardner version, although not really Guy Gardner as in the comics, here he is a failed ladies man as opposed to just an oaf. Ice comes about due to a lab accident, and is slowly brought into the JLA, and is scared by the Martian Manhunter... who never leaves their under sea base(?). But, hey, when they need to, they can fail to completely screw up an investigation and manage to un-cover the bad guy and... then the movie ends.

There is an odd framing device whereby we talk to the various people who are the real people behind the superhero identities. Although we never find out who they are talking to, but it's kinda odd, as a) hello, McFly? Secret identity? and b) we know they all make it through the movie because the interviewing is after. Never mind we know they wouldn't kill off characters, that's just tension draining.

The main word that comes to mind is 'goofy'. As in all aspects are. The plot, the costumes, the acting... basically the production is terrible. This should not have been... and, unfortunately, this is closest we've currently got to a live action Justice League movie.



Jet Simian said...

Oh boy.

I remember reading about this back in the day online, and then seeing a group shot in the JLA HQ and wonder who the HECK these people were supposed to be. Where were the Bat, the Boy Scout and the Amazon? And wasn't MM played by David Ogden Steirs?

Finally caught the highlights on YouTube, and yes - creaky creaky made for TV 90s look to it. Shame.

Jamas Enright said...

Now, to be fair, there was a JLA that was mainly a B-team roster, so this is right according to that. Still, definitely B-team.

And yes David Ogden Steirs is MM... and he does not look happy in that get up at all.