Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Reign of Winter

[Okay, we are in a dungeon forest, and there's a fair bit of back tracking and such, but I'm not going to mention that.]

After waking up in the hut that used to belong to a winter guard leader, we set out, seeking new pathways.. And find a tree house. That is, a house on a tree. Not that it was built there, but that a tree grew up beneath it quite quickly. Courageously, we send Liddick up, and he helps the two children and the injured man inside down to safety. We Are Helping! We leave them to wander off by themselves...

Moseying along, we come to another clearing with one of them fey peoples in it. This one is standing in a small pool of water, which is dripping upwards. He feigns weariness of us all, but doesn't like it when I tell him to remove the reality siphon that's stopping us from getting to the hut. He turns nasty, but doesn't survive too long before I "axe him a question" (ha ha ha), and help cut him down to size. Liddick is also attacked by a Spriggan, but that creature lasts even less long.

With a pop, the reality problem is gone, but we check to make sure the forest is safe [and not at all wanting to make sure we get whatever XP is lying around]. We find a trap laid by.... two creatures that looked weird [and I can't remember their names at all]. I charged all the way up to one... but whiffed my attack. They didn't stick around long enough for me to get a second swing.

Finally we make our way to the hut, and are confronted with the ice queen person who caused us trouble a while ago, and who killed Nadya's daughter pThora... Yeah, she ain't getting away with that. She also had an ice golum to protect her, and while I initially take that on, it moves out of the way so I can get in to strike at the witch. Who then doesn't last under my onslaught! For pThora!

That leaves the hut. Which is slightly bigger on the inside that the outside. Except the room which is a lot bigger on the inside than the outside. And has a throne, with bones... that form into a creature as we move about... [and next time, we'll finish that volume of the books!]


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