Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Brick Movie

Hey, look what finally came out over here! It's that movie that the internet couldn't shut up about two months ago... and yet, who's still talking about it? Do people who saw it back then even still remember that it was a thing?

So Emmet is a nobody that finds a special thing and the prophecy says he is the Special. Except that isn't what's really going on. There's a big battle against the bad guy who wants everything to never change... except that isn't what's really going on either. What's really going on... I'm not going to say. Except to say that it is amazingly well done and actually makes you care about it.

Which is usually a hard sell for me. It might be that it was Will Farrell, and that helped. But this is your standard 'guy becomes the one' story, and it isn't. What didn't work, for me, was the humour. A lot of it got a "I see what you did there" reaction, but didn't actually make me laugh (okay, two or three moments did). Other people laughed, but I'm too cynical for that.

To be honest, it's one idea, and it's a great idea, but once it's over... I can't say I'm surprised people have moved it. Everything might be awesome, but it's also momentary.


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