Saturday, 3 May 2014

A Job to the Nuts

What do you get if you mash two different plots together and throw in Psy? This movie!

Surly (because that's a name for the hero) is a squirrel that is out for himself, and ends up evicted from the park and has to make his way on his own... fortunately the park is across from a nut store, so that works out nicely. But the park animals need food and so they must all get together to raid the store. So yes, this is a heist movie. Which is clear in the the other plot, in which some psuedo-comedy robbers are tunnelling to and raiding the next door bank.

And that's the... one of the biggest problems in this movie. The two stories do not inform each other. You could have the human storyline without the animals, and absolutely nothing would change. And what the humans are doing are just obstacles for the animals, but what the human are doing, ie a similar heist, is completely irrelevant. They could have been a family of accountants for all it mattered! And that's terrible writing.

The other... one of the other problems is the comedy. In that I didn't even smile once, never mind even laugh. Events happen because that's what the script says, not because there's any reason, not because there's any connection, and not because there's any jokes being set up or paid off. The bad guy the animals face is just the bad guy because the script says there needs to be a bad guy. Did Liam Neeson not actually read the script before the recording? I wouldn't be surprised if no-one did.

Just... no. I'm not sure what caused this movie to come into existence, maybe it was another foreign idea done with American redubbing, but no. Just... no.


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