Saturday, 24 May 2014

Days of Wolverine's Kitty

I re-watched First Class so I was all set for the sequel... prequel... reboot... what the hell? Damn time travel!

I have no idea of closely this follows the comic, but the plot feels very straight forward. But considering we are dealing with time travel, and the emphasis is more on the characters with occasional set pieces, so a simple plot is fine. In the future Sentinels are killing everyone, so Logan goes back in time to stop an initial event that starts off everything... but of course it's not that simple, and time won't be so easily changed.

This also reflected with the number of mutants around... we get the basic set of Wolverine, X, Beast, Magneto and Mystique, and a few other cameos. (Like really surprising 'they got that actor back?' cameos.) The most extended other mutant is Quicksilver, although they don't come out with 'Hey, this is Magneto's son!' although they do side-refer to it. And he works better than you think, and shows off just what speedsters can do, even if he is no Flash...

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender get slightly second fiddle to Hugh Jackman (guess who gets top billing!), although they get better character moments. And harder character moments trying to make some of their mutant moments to come across as credible. Jennifer Lawrence gets some actual acting to go, and Peter Dinklage has a lot of fun (apparently he is in some TV show?). The mutant effects are well done, although often we get 'screw physics' moments which ticked me off.

A decent movie, and stay for the post-credit scene... which was completely lost on me...


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