Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Reign of Winter

When we last left our heroes, they were about to sit down and have a heart to heart with what would be a bone construct, and discuss all the philosophical ramifications... or, you know, have Mage trapped in a bone cage, and the rest of us fighting. Unfortunately, I can't be bothered switching to a club, so attack with an attack... a little less damage, but I like it [and I've got all the stats in my head about it]. Of course, we win, but at what cost? Er, a little bit of damage, really, no big deal.

After that, we talk to... the housekeeper? She tells us a bit about the house, and shows the way to the library... and then Felgard throws the keys into the cauldron and off we go! And the inside of the hut changes into some arrangement we have no idea about. Good.

We sit and rest for a while, because that's what you do... [and I now have Masterwork armour!] Then go a-wandering. We find another room, containing an old rusted metal forest. A raven tells us we need to solve a riddle, and go on to face our greatest fear ever...


Fortunately, it was an evil boar that was the incarnation of some demon, and not the wild boar from the forest, and after feeling better about that, we set about it with axe and other things... and this is probably the closest I've come to dying for a while. Three hits would probably have put me down without healing (which I now get to save against!), but hey, I do kill the boar... but then Mage has to put it down. (Damn ferocity!) After that, we get one clue out of three... joy, a clue quest!

With that excitement over, we decide to rest up once again.


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