Saturday, 12 July 2014

Camp Drudge

Hey, it's a horror movie! Starring Eric Roberts! Woo, what could possibly be worth watching?

What about that schtick where a reality tv series in which people are fakily killed off, but only they are being killed off for reals? Hell, it's a TV Trope. And that's what's happening here. A director is trying to bring back his 80s horror Summer Camp trilogy, and does so by getting young 20 somethings to come be in a reality tv camp show and they are mysteriously murdered. But who is behind it?

This is slightly original in that it really is the obvious goings on that is going on. It really is the psycho killer that is the psycho killer. Wow. I haven't seen that before, because it's not a surprise. And nothing here is a surprise. People getting shocking revelation of killer is real, and then they are killed off. It's rote! And then at the end, they have to have the twist... and even that isn't surprising! You see it coming... and there it is... and there we go onto the next thing. Meh.

Eric Roberts is just phoning it in here, so normal performance there. The others are also not really giving much, with admittedly only one-note characters to play with. It's the prissy one, it's the slutty one, it's the jock one, it's the nice guy one, it's the token black dude... Double Meh.

Written and directed by the same person can mean either auteur or cheap ass junk. Guess which this is. Triple Meh.


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