Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Reign of Winter

Sooner or later there comes a time when you go shopping. As we did. Well, crafting, mainly, and training and such. But we had 21k gp to spend, and ended with about 100gp... damn, magic items are costly, even when you make them yourself. Still, we are now better weaponed and armoured, so that's a good thing. Although we could be better. [And I think we are down in magic items from where we should be normally.]

After that, we set out for the stones that... were something we needed to do? After travelling for a while, near a river, we met up with a rider on a horse... who attacked us immediately. What's up with that? Still, I charge in, because that's what I do. And I stopped him from running over the rest of the party, so go me! And then we ganged up and punked it bad. Woo! Go us!

Finally, we got to the stones, and found three large statutes made from the mesa, about half a mile tall each. There is rumour of dungeons in them, so of course we will have to clear them all out. We decide to investigate the "hot one" (aka the maiden), and while going up the side... by flying!... we are attacked by will o' the wisps. Damn annoying and hard to hit. But when I do hit, I quickly put it out of my misery! Ha!

We land on the top, ready for the next step forwards...


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