Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Reign of Winter

When we last left our cunning heroes, they were on top of a mesa with a carved image of a beautiful woman on the side. They were on a flat surface, and looking around they see an entrance to the inside, but the way is guarded by some old trees.

As Nanoc approaches, one of the trees comes to life, and demands a sacrifice of warmth and blood. After failing to trick her into letting us pass, Hogan creates life by bringing two wardogs into existence... and they are immediately taken up by tree tendrils and crushed to death. Go us!

Inside, we go down a spiral staircase, and into a room with a large two headed creature. Felgard confuses it enough for us to easily slip past and beyond. [Two relatively easy encounters, yay!]

However, proceeding down the passage, we come to a locked door. While Liddick spends time opening it, a frost giant comes up, squeezing in the passage, and calls out an alarm. We ready to fight, slowly hitting it from afar as it backs off. Finally provoked into action by his comrades, Nanoc charges! And loses nearly half his life... And the giant has moved back enough that demon dog creatures can join in.

Rounds go by while Nanoc slashes away at his foes... and the others also help... and finally, just as the locked door is opened, the final creature is felled, leaving the way clear... to a smelly room.

Rather than proceed further, we tuck ourselves away into a side room, and wait out the night.


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