Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sax-Strang Samura

I've heard a few people talking about this, so of course I wanted to join the band wagon...

In the post-war America, after bombs obliterated it all in the 1950s, Elivs rules Vegas until he died. Introducing Buddy, who's heading to Vegas to take his place, along with other rockers. We start with him rescuing an extremely annoying kid, who then follows him, and then... we get fight, then moving on, then fighting, then moving on, then fighting... I can't remember how often that repeats, but we eventually get to the end when they get near Vegas.

That kid is really annoying. He screams out some sound instead of talking, and sounds a lot like the kid from Ico. One of the writers also plays the main lead, so guess who gets the cool scenes, the women, and all the other great moments in the film? Really, Buddy can do no wrong.

I do like the outfits in this, they are well put together. The rest of it... I can't summon the energy to get invested.

As a gimmick, this film just doesn't grip me.


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